Danish pianist, STEEN RASMUSSEN has established himself as one of Denmarks, second to none, best Brazilian-inspired jazz acts, with a personal touch and  a deep confidence. At his piano, he orchestrates

like a true Brazilian.
Steen Rasmussen is also a sought-after sideman with Danish and internationalstars as Lis Sørensen, Danseorkestret, Marie Carmen Koppel, Søs Fenger, Sebastian, Airto Moreira, Joyce Moreno, Toninho Horta, Charlie Watts og Robertinho Silva.   


 Steen Rasmussen Quinteto consists of some of Denmarks best performing artists.
Their music is contemporary, and their unique rhythmic & harmonic style has been called
“Brazilian / Nordic / jazz as you thought you knew it”

The Quinteto has existed since 2007, released 7 albums, and toured extensively in Denmark, Spain, Brasil, Ecuador, Columbia and France


            The band has achieved prestigious 5-star reviews from various major music-reviewers.

Their albums have repeatedly been named as among the year's best releases.

Two albums recorded in Brazil. Three albums received nominations, - in 2013 the album "Lo Mejor de Cada Casa" was nominated to Danish Jazz Grammy in the category "Best Special release of the year". The Album "Presenca - featuring Paulo Braga" (2016) and the album "CANTA" (2019) was nominated tothe danish composers prize CARL PRIZE in the category “Best jazz-album of the year”. The 2011 album “Steen Rasmussen Quarteto em Sao Paulo featuring Marcia Lopes” was released in Japan as a special edition. The album won the reviers prize "Jazzstar of the year" in 2012.


Latest album "MILTON IN SWEDISH" was released in 2023. The album features the magnificant Swedish singer, Josefine Cronholm and the great Brasilian drummer, Celso de Almeida. On this album Steen Rasmussen Quinteto interprets the great repertoire of Brasilian singer and composer, Milton Nascimento.

The lyrics was translated to Swedish.The album recieved several 5 star reviews. And the band has been touring several times with this repertoire

The band has a long tradition for cooperation with Brazilian artists. Among others,

magnificant world-famous Brasilian singer & guitarist, Joyce Moreno, Brazilian singer and guitarist Leo Minax and legendary Brazilian drummer, "the father of Brazilian drums", Paulo Braga and the drummer of Rosa Passos, Celso de Almeida. 
In 2020 CROSSWAYFILM  PRODUCTION published a shortfilm about the orchestra's performance at famous Jazzclub Cafe Central in Madrid, Spain.            

The shortfilm was nominated to best shortfilm of the year 2020 by EKKO shortfilm                                                               
"the music?- It continues to build bridges, but this time with something that must be described as a striking ease and safety.        

The music is melodic and graceful, beautiful, perfect in form and of something close to world class.

Beautifully composed, beautifully arranged, beautifully executed